Holland Opera

Holland Opera creates new opera- and music theaterproductions

In October 2010, by Her Royal Highness Princess Máxima of the Netherlands opened Musictheatre Veerensmederij in Amersfoort. Holland Opera turned the renovated building into the very first Youth Opera House of Europe, facilitating a new place in Amersfoort for music performances and workshop for children.

Holland Opera is an opera company for youth opera which has created over 25 new opera’s since its foundation in 1994 by artistic and musical leaders Joke Hoolboom and Niek Idelenburg. Holland Opera works with professional and often well-known composers, writers, singers and directors. The company plays four productions per season, one of which always takes place at surprising (usually outdoor) locations. On a yearly basis, approximately 24.000 children and their parents come to see the Holland Opera productions.

Holland Opera’s main mission is to introduce children of all backgrounds and upbringings to opera. De Veerensmederij (the name refers to its original purpose of forging springs for trains) serves several purposes in this mission. It hosts opera-performances for families and for school classes, it hosts workshops for children, and it is the central location of the ‘Music Xpress’, an educational program made in coöperation with regional schools. During this project, pupils get to experience working in a theatre, either as a technician, a singer or a costume designer.

Next to its own productions, Holland Opera also programs other national productions in De Veerensmederij. They offer thematic weekends where everyone in and from Amersfoort can get to know young talent, participate in workshops, and experience performances by established Dutch musicians.